Sending NGO


Sending organisation should have a preparation meeting (face to face or on line if other is not possible) with volunteers. On this meeting sending organisation should

  • give to volunteer basic information about project, country, language, currency, accommodation and conditions.
  • go through the documents, make AXA insurance (, go through travel planning and travel purchasing.
  • They should talk with volunteer about what is expected of them in the activity, about their responsibilities and rights,
  • motivate the volunteer to think about what they want to learn and do,
  • go through Activity agreement
  • offer and explain the EVS log book and encourage the volunteer to start filing it.
  • inform the volunteer that after the project the volunteer is obliged to come to the follow up meeting in the sending organisation.
  • give the most important numbers to the volunteer in case of emergency and do preparation on what to do in case of problems.
  • tell the volunteer that in the case the project includes an Advance Planning Visit, volunteers can also take part in it.
  • Inform the volunteers that that they are obliged to go to the on arrival training and mid-term meeting in the hosting country organised by National Agency ( of the hosting country.

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