Hosting Organization


  • Welcome of the volunteer

Aims: make sure that there will be somebody waiting for the volunteer on the airport, train, bus station, etc., to assure the volunteer that they’re awaited and they will not get lost.

  • Introduction to the organization, mentor, other people working with the volunteer

Tips: try to make it in a way that from the very beginning the volunteer feel as  part of one big family that can be trusted and counted on.

  • Present working place, accommodation

Tips: make sure the volunteer has everything needed and feels secure and comfortable in the place where the next months will be spent.

  • Present the activities, timetable, and responsibilities

Aims: re-read and discuss the activity agreement and the main points of the project, to be sure that the volunteer understands the task and suggest to find a mission/aim for the time of the project. Inform the volunteer about the time management (that the timetable can be arranged to have free time while still accomplishing daily tasks). Prepare the list of rules that have to be respected and additional information that may be needed to know about the city, country, people, working place, accommodation, and be sure that these are understood.

  • Planning together first month activities

Tips: try to always work together with the volunteer on planning the activities. If the help of some specialists is needed to accomplish a task give the volunteer the contact to those people (if possible arrange a meeting where all of you are present). But also don’t make a whole job for the volunteer, try to allow working creatively, and on one’s own. Be flexible and always support your volunteer.

  • Weekly discussions with coordinator and analysing the needs/progress of the volunteer. Meetings can be held more or less often, according to the volunteer’s needs. During the meeting try discussing technological, material needs and offer mental support.

Possible weekly questions:

  1. Do you find any difficulties in your last week?
  2. Do you need any support in your activities?
  3. Level of satisfaction (1-10)
  4. With the organization




With volunteers (if there are more)


Optional questions:  (depending on project/person)

  • What did you do related to your project in the last week/two weeks etc. (this question should be added to the weekly survey of volunteers whose daily schedule is more varied, for example at kindergartens, schools, elderly homes etc.)
  • Do feel you are accomplishing your mission/aim?
  • Monthly evaluation

Aims: this evaluation should gather all the people involved in the project to check how it goes, if all the tasks and activities are being accomplished on time and well, to check the motivation of the volunteer and if it’s falling down to do something to change it before it’s too late.

Online diary for European volunteers

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